falling for fall

Our beautiful Autumn season has been very busy so far!  In fact, we're so busy working that we have neglected ye ole blog.  It will all be caught up eventually, so stay tuned!  We're working on some fun stuff. You can always find us on facebook and we usually have things updated for clients more quickly than the blog.
Happy Fall!

Styled Shoots!

We recently announced on Facebook that we will be offering styled shoots this Fall!  We've been getting a lot of questions about Fall scheduling, so we thought we'd explain in further detail our new plan.
We love, love, love our clients!  It truly is so fulfilling to capture joy on camera!  But, we are also wives and mothers and that is our top priority.  In order to streamline things this Fall, we are offering one styled shoot a month and scheduling clients back to back on those days.  This is the best way to ensure our clients get a slot, and also a wiser use of our time.  So that means if you are thinking of scheduling with us this Fall, you need to book one of these sessions!  We do not plan on doing individual shoots in between.  We wish we could say yes to everyone, but our schedules at this time just simply don't allow it.
But let me say, we believe this is such a win-win!  We will both be there on-site, snapping away at each styled shoot.  Not only that, but you will have an awesome background set up for you that will look fabulous!  Our first one is August 7th and we still have slots available!  Our theme for August is Retro Picnic.  Just picture big hanging tissue poms, a checkered blanket, picnic basket, mason jars, wild flowers, etc.  It will be perfect for couples, families, or kids!
You can also mark your calendars for September 11th and October 16th.  The themes are yet to be decided, but we promise they will be amazing!
If you would like to get on this awesomeness, email us at ciaobelladayton@gmail.com!

9 months

Bryson was back for his 9 month session!  It's been so fun to follow him during his first year.  His 1st birthday is just around the corner!!!  Can't wait sweet Bryson!


I have known this family for a few years now and when I think of them, I think of how funny they are!  Seriously just a hilarious family.  It was so fun getting together with their two little ones and snapping away.  
Noah:  I love your James Dean hair and your funny faces.
Ainsley:  Love those big blue eyes and your scrunchy face laugh/smile!

2-year-old Ashlyn

I have the pleasure of getting to know this sweet family through our house church.  They are so fun...and obviously beautiful!  Ashlyn just turned two and is such a fun bundle of energy.  Her big sister Elly came along and we were able to capture some beautiful shots of her as well.  What a fun time it was capturing these girls in all their gorgeousness!

Mati is 3!

Let's just get this out there...I love Mati like he's my own child.  Mati and his sister Haven are truly like my niece and nephew.  Love them to pieces.  Recently they were hanging out at my house and we decided to jump on the opportunity to take Mati's 3-year-old pics.  It was just the two of us outside, and I had a blast with him!  What a joy he is!  And not too hard on the eyes either...I could squeeze him for days!
Love you Mat Mat.  :)

the fabulous emma

Once in a while you meet someone that is just fabulous is every single way!  I met such a girl almost a year ago, and I don't know what I ever did without Emma in my life!  She has southern charm, classic style, ambition, a heart of gold, loves the Lord with her whole heart, loves getting excited about the little things in life and would do anything to help her friends.  I could go on and on, but take my word for it, she's just fabulous!  We did a series of headshots for her amazing blog!  Oh, and I guess I forgot to mention that she's absolutely gorgeous!